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PayReel is a solutions-based freelance workforce engagement partner for corporate media and event management clients.

We provide expert end-to-end freelancer pay solutions with a focus on continuous customer support and success.

Our unique and nimble approach sets us apart in the rapidly changing areas of:

worker classification || onboarding || payroll || compliance || vendor pay || risk assumption and management

At PayReel, our goal is to alleviate the burden of independent contractor and freelancer management so our clients can get back to their work.  Ask us how.

Why Choose PayReel?


Founded in 1995, PayReel is a pioneer in contingent workforce and payroll management.  PayReel brought to light the importance of worker classification and co-employment risk management services and has built progressive solutions along the way.

Our unique dedication to expert personal service couples with our proactive and agile digital platform PayReel OnLine to bring our clients best in class service and results.

At PayReel, as Employer of Record, we manage everything from worker classification to freelancer payroll to the assumption of all risk including workers’ compensation on your behalf.  Exactly what you should expect from your payroll service provider.

How PayReel Works

PayReel makes payroll and payment painless

PayReel simplifies independent contractor and freelance payroll management from worker classification and onboarding through payment. Our groundbreaking and easy to use software solution provides a uniquely competent and paperless platform for employees and managers that helps clients increase business efficiency while reducing the risks of engaging freelancers.

Designed by industry labor and contract experts, PayReel OnLine includes all of the current state and local legislation including paid sick leave laws, making calculation of time cards and payroll for your contractors and freelancers seamless. Our progressive approach is grounded in adaptive technological development driven by the needs of our clients and unmatched responsive and personal service.

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Nobody understands independent contractor and freelancer management like PayReel.

Between our cutting-edge software and team of highly-responsive experts, we’ve got you covered.


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