Why should you work with PayReel?

We sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to

Your people, on demand

Don’t sacrifice quality. Hire who you want when you want. As the employer of record, we share the risk associated with your contract workforce and your headcount is never affected.


Compliance comes first

There is no guidebook for worker classification in the live events and video production industry, but there is PayReel. Three decades in the industry has taught us the ins and outs of classifying independent contractors and employees so they get paid properly.


Easy online workflow

Onboard your freelancers in five minutes or less with PayReel OnLine. Our onsite developers are constantly improving our software to fit your specific needs.  


On-time payment

We pay employees weekly and independent contractors within 30 days. Believe us, that’s fast. Better yet, you can still pay us on your company’s standard terms. How’s that for pleasing everybody?