Want to cut the red tape and hire freelancers faster?

Then PayReel has just what you need

Our clients love us because they hardly have to work with us. No, seriously.


All they have to do is provide the basics on the contractors they want to work with. That’s it. In just hours, we have their contractors onboarded and on set. And, since they’re our employees, we assume all the risk and handle all the paperwork and payment.


Check out a few testimonials from our happy clients below.

Happy clients testify about PayReel

Ernst & Young

“There are definitely projects when it would be impossible to establish relationships and get contracts in place in the timeframe needed if we were not working with Crew Connection.”

For decades, Crew Connection has helped the producers at Ernst & Young work more efficiently by sourcing video service providers from around the world, negotiating rates according to their budget, and handling all the paperwork through PayReel to cut through their HR red tape and get contractors on set fast.

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West Works Studios

“We have a large volume of contract labor, from a couple of hundred hours a month to 600 hours or more in our busiest months. Without a service like PayReel, it would be nearly impossible for me to facilitate all of those invoices and do the needed reporting on budgets and labor and still do my job.”

Spend your precious time doing the job you actually signed up for, not cutting checks and sending out tax documents. When you work with PayReel, your freelancers become our employees. We onboard them quickly, handle classification and taxation, cut their checks, and assume all of the risk associated with a contingent work force. With PayReel you can relax—we got it.

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