Payrolling freelancers? Here are 4 ways to be ready for new overtime rules.



The Department of Labor’s Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) will make about 4 million more workers eligible for overtime on December 1st, 2016. With 21 states suing to end the act altogether, some businesses may be hoping it all just goes away before they have to make changes. But waiting is risky. Getting ready for upcoming changes now ensures companies stay in good standing with employees and the government, too.


Four ways to prepare for payrolling contract employees in light of new rules


1. Provide a daily guarantee for a pre-negotiated flat rate for contractors. Budget for overtime if applicable.

2. Start tracking time accurately. Businesses and contractors using obligatory, inaccurate timecards need time to adjust to new processes.

3. Classify workers correctly up front. This is a big one because it sets you up for success. In fact, you can read a whole slew of advice on the topic by clicking here.

4. Read our previous posts on what the Volkswagon scandal teaches us about the FSLA and payrolling and four ways to prepare for changes to contractor payroll.


The production industry must adapt to remain competitive. And it may wreak havoc on some budgets in the short term. But this whole thing goes beyond the numbers. Companies that treat people fairly attract high quality workers. And when people feel valued, they go above and beyond. Proactive compliance is good business.


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